2010 SLAM Winner

LEFT UNSAID by Leah Burdick of Hartland Vt & Bill Conner of Boston MA. Directed by Maureen Hennigan
Starring Tom Stevens, Jeff Tolbert, Dawn Kearon, Tara O'Reilly
Synopsis: What still remains after the smoke of a failed relationship clears. Told from the perspective of the inner egos of the characters, the play aims to show how we hide behind polite detachment to protect ourselves from each other, and how we don't say what really should be said. "Left Unsaid" is part of a larger one act piece called "Dangerous Intersections," which explores the complexity of different human relationships.

SLAM 2010 Plays

SHORTBREAD by Charles Coburn of Barre VT
Setting: A snowy evening at a roadside diner 
Synopsis: 16-year-old Paul discovers the location of his long-lost father, who deserted him when he was 5. By phone, he arranges a seemingly amiable reunion with Dad at a roadside diner, concealing his real agenda: to satisfy years of festering anger with a gun. However, Dad has a surprise of his own. The two meet in a shocking encounter in which Paul learns who Dad is now and why he deserted the child he loved.  

by Maureen Hennigan of Bethel VT
Synopsis:  a man gets more than a little blindsided during his blind date by an in-your-face waitress who seems a little too intrusive for his liking

by Marjorie Conn of New York City and Provincetown MA
Synopsis: Katie’s dad who is in his 80’s has been arrested for soliciting men in a toilet at a mall.  Her feelings about this are so different from her lover, Emma.  How each react to this situation is revealed as they are rushing off to bail him out of jail. 

by Sophia Gilberto, Teen Playwright from New Hampshire
Synopsis: George, who lives in a nursing home and stricken with dementia is visited regularly by his wife. She relives memories thru photo albums of their life together.

A LINE OF MALARKY  by Larry Parr of Florida
Synopsis:  Two women at a yard sale discover they have a lot in common in
regards to departed husbands.
 MISSION TO MARS by Jeanne Beckwith of Northfield VT
Two astronauts orbiting Mars have lost communication with the earth.  It doesn't
help that they can't stand one another.

KTSIAIAK/OLD ONES  by JOSEPH BRUCHAC of Greenfield New York with Jesse Bruchac
Synopsis: A courtroom battle is waged over the rights to a Native American burial ground.  Includes
Abenaki culture and language.